You Do Enough, You Are Enough

Here is a truth about homeschooling your kids: Some days you will feel terrible. Your kids will sit around in their pajamas all day and never brush their teeth. Your house will be a disaster, and you will feed your kids hot dogs for lunch for the fourth day in a row. You will feel as though you are lucky to have survived, and “educational” activities are so far removed from where you stand it never even crossed your mind to try to incorporate them into your day.

On these days, remember this: You are enough and your do enough. Despite the whirlwind of dirty laundry and messy faces around you, you are the very best parent — and teacher — for your children. I know this for a fact BECAUSE it crossed your mind that perhaps you aren’t giving your kids what they deserve. This thought alone shows that you care and you are trying, and nobody could ask anything more of you. Trust me when I say that is all any of us are doing.

Please be easy on yourself as you finish out these days. Remember that everyone has bad days, including other parents and including teachers. If your children were in school there would be days spent watching videos because the teacher is out sick. There would be days missed from class because the child isn’t feeling well. There would even be days when despite massive amounts of schoolwork, your child gets nothing of value out of school at all.

By having off days, you are giving your child a gift. You are teaching them that they don’t need to be perfect in order to be wonderful. You are also showing them that they are allowed to have down time, and often will even benefit from taking a break. Lastly, you are teaching by example that life is a beautiful gift, and it is okay — even amazing — to slow down and enjoy every bit of it.