5 Reasons to Continue Schooling Through The Summer

When you are homeschooling your children, you are offered many options and faced with many decisions on a daily basis. One big decision each homeschooling family needs to make is whether or not they will continue schooling through the summer.

Traditionally, children get a break from schooling during the summer and get to spend their time enjoying the weather, lazing in front of the television, and seeing friends. However, while the activities mentioned above are all great ways to spend time (some in moderation), it is quite possible that this traditional school year schedule isn’t the best one for our students. This can be especially true if your family takes a more relaxed and self directed approach to homeschooling. Here are 5 reasons you may want to consider continuing your lessons through the summer months.

1. No Interruption to Established Schedules and Routines

Humans, and especially children, thrive when there is a daily routine in place. Without it, kids lack the structure and boundaries they need in order to feel comfortable exploring their world. By carrying on as usual throughout the summer, your family’s daily routine will not be interrupted. Good habits that are often so difficult to pick back up again will not be dropped, and life at home can continue in an orderly manner, keeping everyone relaxed and happy throughout the warmer season.

2. Scheduling Breaks When You Need Them Most

Life is a roller coaster. Often we are thrown obstacles when we least expect them, and sometimes we just need that mid-February break. By skipping the traditional summer break you allow your family and yourself the freedom to take breaks when they are most needed instead of when someone else decided they should be.

3. More Open Minded Thoughts on Education

It is not uncommon for people to be stuck in the traditional education mindset. By breaking out of the box and making an effort to continue learning throughout the year no matter the season, we will teach our children that learning is just a part of life, and not something to be stopped and started throughout time.

4. More Time to Dwell on Interests or Tough Subjects

Continuing educational exploration throughout the year allows students ample time to dwell on any given subject. This means that the child who is especially fascinated by butterflies need not drop the subject quickly and move on to something else, as he has that much more time to focus on other subjects or interests. Additionally, those struggling with a specific topic are allowed more time to figure things out on their own terms when the continuous school year is implemented.

5. No Interruption to Current Studies

If a student is really making progress in chemistry or algebra, why would any parent want to interrupt the learning process with an unnecessary break? Taking a break during a time of great progress will only cause back pedaling in the long run as the student will likely need to relearn much of the information they have acquired when returning to the subject.

Of course, the decision to continue schooling through the summer is not the best one for everyone. If your family is in need of a break this summer, by all means, take it and enjoy it. However, if any of these benefits seem to be things that would help your family in the long run, you might consider a summer schooling adventure this year.