STEM in the Spring

It looks like we are in for some beautiful weather this week! Why not take advantage of it and take some of your schooling outside? There are plenty of amazing outdoor activities that can contribute to your child’s education. Try one of these fun STEM activities and watch your little one’s eyes light up with fascination.

Solar Oven

This classic science experiment is the perfect outdoor activity. Additionally, it is great for making a tasty treat to end a busy day of learning.

Try using these simple instructions to make your solar oven. When it is finished, make hotdogs, heat up a pizza, or make melty s’mores and discuss how the oven works. Try altering the design in small ways to see if you can make a more efficient model.

Sun Dial

Shadows are a very interesting topic of discussion. Luckily, springtime is here, and it is the perfect time to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful sunlight while having this discussion.

One of the best ways to explore shadows is to create your very own sundial. Follow these instructions for making one and use the time together to discuss why a sundial works and the history of this fascinating instrument.

Sink or Float?

As the weather warms up, outdoor water play should be at the top of your list of things to do. After all, everyone appreciates a cooling run through the sprinkler on an especially hot afternoon.

While you are getting wet, why not use the opportunity to try a fun experiment? For this fun activity you will need a tub or bucket of water and a variety of small objects. Have each child make a hypothesis about whether each object will sink or float and ask them why they believe this to be true. Follow up by placing each item in the water to see whether it will stay afloat or sink to the bottom. Discuss the results of your experiment.

Star Gazing

Warmer evenings offer the ideal opportunity to get in some good star gazing. Grab a book of constellations from the library and see how many you can spot. Be ure to use the quality time to discuss the vast wonders of outer space as well as the history and myths behind constellations.

These are just a few of the amazing learning activities you and your children can take part in this spring!

If you are looking for more ways to expand upon your student’s STEM learning experience, we hope you will consider signing up for the amazing Engineer This! class that is about to begin here at The Loop. See the calendar for complete details and email Cindy at to enroll.