Weaving History into Your Daily Life

History is a fascinating subject. Unfortunately, many of the history books out there make the story of our world appear to be a dry and boring matter, and this creates a less than wonderful relationship between the student and the subject. If your children are among those who claim to “hate” history and won’t touch their history books without groaning, it might be time to make a change in how the subject is presented to them.

This situation can be difficult for parents. After all, they are merely teaching the subject in the same way it was taught to them. What better way could there be? The truth of the matter is that history can be shown, taught, and embraced in a variety of ways that intrigue the student and give him or her reason to seek out more information and dive further into the topic.

Below are 5 amazing ways to weave history into your everyday life and get your children excited about the past.


Reading can be just as wonderful as history when done right. Take advantage of this fact by making reading a big part of your child’s history education. No, this doesn’t mean you should pull out the same dry textbook. Instead, seek out historical fiction, well written biographies, and old documents. You might be surprised just how fascinating your journey into the past becomes when you replace the dull reading material with something interesting and fun.


Writing is another great way to get in touch with the people of our past. Give your students interesting writing prompts and allow them to set their imaginations free. Some great options include writing a fictional memoir or novel. Not sure you can help much in this area? Consider signing up for the history writing class here at The Loop.

Take Field Trips

Field trips make everything more fun. Fortunately, we have tons of great history-focused field trip opportunities here in Oklahoma. Head to the Oklahoma History Center or the National Cowboy Museum. Check out the Medieval Fair or schedule a day at Harn Homestead. Whichever destination you choose, try to find some good reading material on the subject beforehand.

Join a Club

If your students show an intense interest in a particular time in history, you might consider joining some sort of club in order to allow them to explore further with like minded individuals. Some great options for this include The Knights of Castleton in Muskogee and Historic Dance OK.

Throw a Party

Nothing helps kids dive into the past quite like a party. Choose a time period, find period appropriate recipes, and get to work making some grub. Pull out the sewing machine and whip up some costumes that fit the chosen theme. Do some research on the proper manners of the time as well as ways our ancestors may have entertained guests and structure your party accordingly. Parties like this are a great way to end unit studies.

These fun and interesting ways of learning about our past are sure to pull your kids out of the history funk and get them excited about the story of our world. Why not try one out this week and see how the kids react? You might just create little history buffs in the process.