3 Fall Art Activities Your Kids Will Love

Fall is here, and that means it’s time to snuggle up, get cozy, and enjoy everything this amazing season has to offer. One of the best ways to help kids truly appreciate the offerings of fall is to help them use those offerings to create fun and beauty. After all, what kid doesn’t appreciate something that brings them joy?

Below we have compiled a short list of three great craft projects you can do using the materials brought to us by the fall season. This means some quality nature walks are in your future as you and your student gather supplies for your latest project.

Pinecone Birdfeeder

Most adults have made a pinecone birdfeeder at some point in their lives. However, the next generation is not seeing nearly as much of this classic craft. Help keep this tradition alive by creating pinecone birdfeeders with your little ones.

First, gather up several pinecones. These can be any shape or size, but should be whole. Spread a layer of peanut butter over each of the pinecones, making sure some of the peanut butter goes in the spaces between the spines. Roll the entire thing in a shallow dish of birdseed, making sure to cover the peanut butter completely.

To finish, hang the birdfeeder from a tree using a piece of yarn or string. Be sure to keep an eye on the feeder and see what kinds of birds it attracts.

Leaf Rubbing Collage

Leaf rubbings are great fun for people of all ages. They are simple enough for even the youngest kiddos to do, and almost always turn out looking pretty enough to hang. Best of all, collecting leaves for this project is a great opportunity to discuss various kinds of leaves and the trees they fall from.

To begin, gather leaves of various shapes and sizes. Place one leaf under a sheet of plain white paper, and use an unwrapped crayon to rub back and forth over the place where the leaf sits. This should leave you with a leaf-shaped impression on the page. Using another leaf and another color of crayon, repeat this process elsewhere on the page. Continue repeating the process until the entire page has been filled with overlapping colors and multiple leaf impressions.

The finished product is quite pretty, and something you may even want to frame to hang in your child’s room or playroom.

Autumn Wreath

Everyone loves a nice wreath hanging on the front door. Unfortunately, most professionally made wreaths are pretty pricey. Why not skip the expensive option and opt to make your own fall wreath this year?

The first step to making a beautiful autumn wreath is a nice, long walk in the woods. Spend your walk gathering any pretty things you might see. This should include colorful—but not crispy—fallen leaves, acorns, pinecones, and even small berries if you happen to see some.

After you’ve gathered a nice collection, head home and bring out a paper plate, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Cut the middle of the paper plate out, leaving behind a ring of plate. This will be the base of your wreath. Place the base on a flat surface and arrange your found leaves on top of it, making sure to cover the entire base. Once satisfied with the arrangement, glue the leaves into place. Use the pinecones, acorns, and berries as ornaments by gluing them into place wherever you see fit.

Once your wreath dries, be sure to hang it on the front door so you can spread autumn cheer to all your neighbors and friends.

If your child enjoys doing these art projects and would like more opportunities to get creative, it might be time to check into art classes. Lucky for you, The Loop has plenty to offer when it comes to art classes! Be sure to check out our schedule for more information!