Great Gifts for Homeschoolers

It’s that magical time of year. The time when holiday decorations light up the night and wonderful smells fill the air. That means it’s time to start creating Christmas lists and getting the shopping done.

While holiday shopping can be an absolute blast, it can also be a bit difficult. This is especially true if you feel like your kids already have every toy and game under the sun. If this is the case for you, why not take a different approach this year and limit incoming gifts to educational toys, games, and experiences? This will ensure your kids get all the same holiday fun they are accustomed to, but will also help enrich their lives and round out their homeschooling experience.

Wondering what kinds of educational gifts you could purchase for your young students? Well, there are hundreds of options. However, we are going to use this post to highlight just 10 of our all-time favorites:

  • Ticket To Ride — This fun and engaging board game is perfect for helping children ages 8 and up understand a variety of math concepts. It requires tons of planning and counting and demonstrates the use of mathematics in daily life. Have a younger kid? Consider looking for the junior version of the game.
  • Set — A fun game that helps players recognize patterns and improves mathematical thinking. Set is fast-paced fun with short-lived rounds that even the wiggliest little ones can enjoy. That said, this game is best for the 6 and older crowd.
  • Bananagrams — A fun game of quick thinking and word play, Bananagrams is a great way for intermediate readers and writers to hone their skills. It requires tons of reading and spelling and can even help extend a child’s vocabulary. Best of all, there is a junior version so even the littlest players can get in on the action.
  • LEGO Bricks — LEGO blocks are the ideal educational toy. They’re not only fun, but also work to encourage mathematical thinking, problem solving, and even engineering. Buy the bricks on their own or invest in a few sets. Either way, you can rest assured you are making a good purchase.
  • Snap Circuits — Anyone who has ever played with Snap Circuits knows just how amazing they are. This is the ideal toy for helping kids understand electricity and give them an introduction to the world of engineering. Be sure to look for a junior version for young children.
  • National Geographic Kids Books — From books about space to encyclopedias of animals, National Geographic Kids has something for everyone. We adore these books, and recommend that every homeschool parent invest in a few.
  • Explorer Kit — Everyone knows just how important it is for kids to explore the world. Why not give them the perfect tools for doing so? An explorer kit that includes binoculars, a magnifying glass, a flashlight, and anything a child might need for a backyard adventure is the perfect gift for curious kids.
  • Activity Kits — Whether you choose to pick up a craft kit or a science experiment set, activity kits are always a good bet. These kits are perfect for giving kids the tools they need to carry out projects on their own without investing a fortune.
  • Subscription Boxes — Subscription boxes such as Kiwi Crate and Little Passports ensure your gifts last the whole year. They are something the kids can get excited about each month, and they provide fun learning opportunities that may never come about otherwise.
  • Classes and Experiences — Kids learn best through experiences. For this reason, paying for your young student to attend a special class, workshop, or other event might just be the perfect gift idea. Choose an event at a local museum, take a short trip to another city, or pick a new class from the lineup here at The Loop. All of these are wonderful options that your child is sure to love.

We hope this list helps you find the right gifts for your children this holiday season. Happy holidays from all of us here at The Loop!