Learning Through Christmas and the New Year

Most anyone who celebrates Christmas is going to be pretty busy this week. Parties, family gatherings, and other events are sure to keep you and your kiddos running from place to place all week long. Switching your attention to these things means you will almost certainly be skimping on the formal schoolwork.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to ensure education continues to occur throughout this busy time. In fact, you might be surprised to find that your kids can learn just as much from your day-to-day experiences during the winter holidays as they do with their noses buried in textbooks.

Wondering how you can incorporate learning into your hectic holiday schedule? Try the methods below.

Read Together

There are literally hundreds of amazing holiday-themed books out there. Pick one or two to read with the kids before the holidays have ended. This is a great way to teach appreciation of literature and will get little ones excited about reading. If you have older children who can already read fluently, try having them read aloud. Discuss the story as a family and point out lessons you think are worth noting.

By doing this, you will be creating wonderful memories, getting into the holiday spirit, learning valuable life lessons, and sneaking in some “schooling” while you’re at it.

Bake Cookies

Math skills are essential in our everyday lives. For instance, we use mathematics every single time we follow a recipe. You can use this to your advantage by baking holiday cookies with the kids and incorporating fun lessons on fractions for older kids, and addition and subtraction for young children.

If you’re feeling really bold, why not make it a science experiment as well by switching the ingredients slightly to see what the results are?

Listen Up

If your family is constantly on the run or doing any traveling during or after the holiday week, stock up on good podcasts to listen to during long car rides and/or flights. There are tons of amazing options for kids, and many of them are highly educational. Some of our favorites include Brains On!, Tumble, and The Past and Curious.

Hand Out Cards

Giving out cards is a wonderful holiday tradition that family and friends are sure to appreciate. Sure, it may be too late to send cards in the mail, but taking a few to hand out at family gatherings can be just as fun. Best of all, writing cards is an amazing way to get your kids to practice their writing skills.

Whether you’re working on handwriting, spelling, or grammar, writing short notes to loved ones inside of cards will help you squeeze in some practice while also spreading some holiday joy.

Go Shopping

It’s likely that older kiddos will end up with some sort of gift card or cash by the time all the gift-giving is over. Take them shopping! By allowing them to handle the cash, you can give them to opportunity to work on their money management skills and get a solid understanding of coin and bill values, as well as percentages.

These are just a few of the many ways you can squeeze some education into your holiday fun. Looking for more fun and educational things to do this season? Check out our calendar for upcoming events here at The Loop!