Finding Your Post-Holiday Groove

With the holidays over, it’s time to get things in order and find your post-holiday groove. Unfortunately for many homeschooling families, this can be pretty tough. Worn-out parents and kids who are still wound up from the season don’t generally get back into the swing of things together very easily, and with no set schedule to answer to, this is made even more difficult.

So how does a homeschooling parent help their family find a routine and jump back into normal life? Try these tips and tricks.

Get Up and Ready

One of the best parts about being a homeschool family is the ability to stay in your PJs all day. However, it is a practice that can quickly become a habit. This is especially true in the winter when the weather leaves you wanting to do nothing except snuggle all day.

Now, we don’t have anything against snuggling. In fact, we wrote an entire post on the subject, but we do know that too much PJ time can quickly lead to a lack of productivity. Therefore, slipping into some clean clothes and brushing your hair and teeth will likely work wonders for getting back into the swing of things.

Create a Schedule

Sometimes, when the world doesn’t provide you with a set schedule, it’s best to create one of your own. This doesn’t have to mean living by a rigid, military-style daily schedule, but a loose idea of how your day will go can be helpful when you’re trying to find your groove after several weeks of pure craziness.

Go ahead and give it a try. You might like the results, and you’ve got nothing to lose in the process.

Get Moving

If your family has trouble getting themselves off the couch on the chilliest winter mornings, try putting on some music and having a dance party. If dancing isn’t your thing, consider a quick stroll around the block (after bundling up, of course).

A bit of exercise to get your heart pumping is sure to bring up the energy of the household, making the place a productive learning zone once again.

Try Stimulating Scents

Another trick to try on those days when nobody wants to get up and around is diffusing some oils. Peppermint and lemon are both excellent choices for waking up your brain and getting it ready to work.

Get Out of the House

After several weeks of winter weather, cabin fever is likely to set in. This makes it incredibly difficult to focus and either leaves kids feeling lethargic or overly energetic. Try combating this issue by getting out of the house when nobody seems to be able to focus. Head to the library to get some stuff done (and bring home some cool books while you’re at it), or try doing schoolwork at a local coffee shop.

Join Group Activities

A great way to combine a few of these tricks is to join a group activity or two. This gets you out of the house, helps you build a schedule, and can even get you moving.

Looking for some great group activities to join? Check out the class schedule here at The Loop! We have tons of amazing classes to choose from, and each and every one is sure to help pull you out of your post-holiday funk and get you back into the groove of everyday living.