Helping Children Develop Team Work Skills

Teamwork skills are an incredibly valuable thing to possess. They allow us to collaborate with others and accomplish great things. The make a person more employable, but are also one of the many necessary tools for starting and maintaining a well-run business.

In short, teamwork skills are one of the many skill sets you’ll want to make sure you instill in your children before they become adults.

Fortunately, it generally isn’t too hard to do this. After all, kids naturally gravitate toward one another, and with playtime comes both group effort and life lessons on the importance of working together.

Still, it’s nice to know you’re doing everything you can to facilitate these experiences. If you feel your children need help in this area, this is what we suggest you do.

Value Communication

Communication is a key component in working as a team. Therefore, it’s highly important that you teach your kids to voice their thoughts, but also listen to the ideas and opinions of others. With everyone’s ideas out in the open, a group of people can begin to establish a solution or plan that meets the needs of everyone, even if some compromises must be made.

Encourage Empathy

Of course, if you expect a child to make compromises with others, he or she will need to feel empathy for others. For the most part, humans are empathetic creatures. However, it never hurts to encourage empathy by actively displaying your empathy for others and by discussing the feelings of others in various situations.

By helping your child fine-tune their sense of empathy, you are giving them the tools they need to put themselves in another person’s shoes. This comes in handy when the child is expected to give up part of what they want for the benefit of the group.

Allow Time for Group Free-Play

Organized activities are great on occasion, but kids should be allowed plenty of time to play freely and without parent referees. This works especially well when children of various ages are allowed to play together, but any group of children will likely engage in a group game or project, working out kinks and compromising as needed if given enough time and freedom.

Present a Project

If a particular group of kids doesn’t seem to be clicking well together, you might consider presenting them with a project idea and allowing them to take it from there. For instance, pulling out a puzzle and letting the kids piece it together as a team is a great activity that encourages good teamwork skills.

LEGO is another awesome tool for encouraging children to work together to make something of their own, and board games that require the players to split into teams can be a good option for older kids.

Join a Team

As mentioned before, free-play is one of the most effective ways to encourage teamwork in children. That said, there is something to be said for organized teamwork as well. For this type of experience you might consider signing your child up for a sports team, band, choir, dance team, or theater group. Any of these will give your child a unique teamwork experience that will help them grow as team members and improve upon this particular skill set.

Looking for a team for your child to join, or a group of kids for them to engage in free-play with? We have both things right here at The Loop. Our Pretend Drama Club is perfect for young children who’d like to work in a group, and group guitar lessons are ideal for older children who are interested in exploring music with a group. Of course, The Loop is also happy to host casual get-togethers, meaning our location might just be the perfect place for your next free-play session.

For more information on all of our offerings, please feel free to contact us today!