Eat Well with Whitney Womack

Who are you? Tell me a bit about yourself.

“My name is Whitney Womack. I’m a mother, wife, writer, chef, and Herban Homesteader living in Norman. I am passionate about garden-to-table philosophies, including sustainable practices in the garden and reducing our footprint in the kitchen while creating a dynamic intersection through modern culture.”

What classes do you teach at The Loop?

“Currently, I’m teaching a six-part Living Foods Series, which will cover a variety of topics surrounding whole foods and sustainable practices in the kitchen and the urban landscape. We will cover vegan + vegetarian lifestyles, gluten-free cooking + baking, home fermentation, sprouted foods, eating for your blood type, and balancing our dosha with seasonal + ayurvedic principles. There will also be an informative workshop on home orchid growing as well!”


When did you find your passion for healthy and living foods?

“When I was 15 and experimented with becoming a vegetarian, in contrast with all that I was being exposed to in high school and deepening my knowledge about my body. I continued that journey for the next 8 years until I started to expand my interest outside of a rigid comfort zone and began my first job as a chef at UCO in Edmond.

After the birth of my second child, I decided not to go back to the workforce I had been in, but instead chose to start my own business. I started writing a food blog and writing for Edible magazine on the side, tailoring the work and services I wanted to offer to families and communities.”


What was it that triggered that passion?

“I did not start this journey due to medical issues or health problems, but really just my thirsty knowledge for a more refined set of tools in order to keep my body and my family healthy on whole foods and natural supplements and remedies.”

What do you love most about healthy and living foods?

“I love feeling armed and equipped with nature’s most powerful medicines, available directly from my home garden that I have grown and nurtured for the last 10 years, which is 75% edible medicinals including food and herbs.”


What is your favorite thing about teaching your classes?

“The community and sharing of experiences truly enriches every aspect of creating + attending workshops. I am constantly learning about other people’s stories on the way to good health and that is worth so much.”

What do you hope students gain from your classes?

“My hope is that they come away with an increased level of knowledge and inspiration to experiment with different foods, to explore the landscape of their palette, and to take risks with food, not be afraid to fail on their way to success.”

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What would you tell someone who was considering joining your class?

“Join our classes with an open mind and curiosity. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to taste everything. Take notes and bring a friend!”

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More info on Whitney’s upcoming class can be found here.

To read more about Whitney, visit her blog.