Heal and Connect with Cheryl Jazzar

Who are you? Tell me a bit about yourself.

“I am a mom to four amazing young people, ages 16-26. My husband and I blended our families over 20 years ago and have lived in Norman ever since, with a brief stay in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m the luckiest Mom around because of the nuclear and extended family I have. Together we own La Baguette restaurants and wholesale bakery, WellPostpartum Consulting, The Loop, Scissortail Travel Stops, Jazztech Consulting, and a vital Young Living Organization called Oil Royalty.

My husband’s passion is photography. His work can be seen here.”

Why did you open The Loop?  

“When we were in Atlanta there were great homeschooling communities and cooperatives everywhere we went.  We saw all kinds of successful groups and really admired the creative sparks that many of them seemed to generate.

After we moved back to Oklahoma my health started to suffer. Four years ago I was paralyzed with Lyme disease. But I was fully healed in a seemingly-miraculous way with cutting edge, quantum physics-based techniques. In only two weeks I wanted to sing, dance and do art, but I didn’t know how to do any of those things, so I visited a place I knew had dance classes. When I got there they had closed! But the sign in the window inspired me to open the space for all kinds of creativity and The Loop was born. Within only two weeks we were up and running with people in classes! Now I do know how to do all those things thanks to the wonderful people who offer classes there. I’ve found a huge love for all kinds of percussion and adore drumming!”

What classes do you teach at The Loop?  

“My passion is helping people experience radical shifts in their health without the use of medications. My two youngest kids have never used an antibiotic and I’ve found that there are many empowered ways to address issues at home.

Among my favorite classes to teach are anointing classes using Young Living Essential Oils. I teach people how to release negative emotions with oils, introductory oils classes, Raindrop and Vitaflex Technique, Ancient Holy Oils, and a variety of other specialized topics both online and in-person around the country.”


When did you find your passion for helping the homeschool community?  

“I’ve always known that homeschooling mommas are the sharpest people around when it comes to natural health. After decades of being in that arena I thought I knew a lot!  What I learned was that I was missing important foundations of healing because I didn’t know the power of plant oils and anointing. After learning the importance of approaching healing from a physical/emotional/spiritual perspective I was on a mission to share these rare gems of knowledge widely!  When we are calm and healthy everything in the home functions more smoothly.  Providing simple tools to Moms brings me joy! I understand the many challenges people are facing from anxiety to autism to allergies. Helping people find effective and inexpensive ways to support the body through these challenges is my superpower. Everyone deserves to thrive and live a happy and peaceful life.”

What was it that triggered that passion?  

“When we first opened a sweet Momma approached me and shyly said, ‘I guess you could tell I have social anxiety.’ I was stunned because I sure didn’t see that! Within a few minutes she changed into the kind of friend that grabs you by the hand and paints the town red with two coats! None of our friends really believe how badly she struggled before but she continues to tell the story of how she became almost famous for canceling activities with other families due to stress. When I realized kids could come in for great classes and Moms (and Dads and Grandmas) could support one another I knew we were on to something special.”

When and how did you first discover your love for essential oils?  

“After moving back from Atlanta the very first thing I did was attend a Postpartum Support International event. I was a volunteer and Oklahoma State Coordinator for them for over 12 years and was very committed to helping women find non-pharmacological options.  An old friend, Dr. Catherine Rott was at that event and she came into my life with a tremendous amount of knowledge, care and love; pouring out her wisdom to me in ways that made a deep impact. I could never repay the countless hours she spent training me and providing for me physically, emotionally and even financially, but I do my best to model her approach to others so they have everything they need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps.

Her impact has turned a rather miserable, ill-effective and sickly woman into something completely different. My life now has greater impact than I could have ever imagined.”

What is your favorite thing about running The Loop?  

“Honestly, I love that it runs itself. It’s a special thrill to me that I can go off for weeks and teach classes in different states, vacation with my husband, or go work with refugees in Lebanon and come back to the beautiful atmosphere in The Loop. When I see the faces of the people there expressing themselves through art, or play, or more seriously life-changing classes it just warms my heart!

There is something intangible about the space- it’s a sense of security, a place to belong (no matter your what your views are), and a place to really be yourself. The acceptance and love that flows from the people that grace our doors is like nothing else.  It’s very rare and I think we all come to realize how good we have it there.”

What is your favorite thing about teaching classes about oils?  

“When I see a large family facing an emergency room visit with no health insurance begin to understand how to take spiritual authority over their issues and learn to turn things around for themselves I’m just over the moon!

My favorite thing is to lay hands on people and do bodywork, but my organization is large now so I have to focus on teaching large groups for the most part.

It’s an immense honor to witness someone in need being vulnerable enough to come into a space and pour out their heart. When people are unburdened, THAT’S when healing happens automatically! The body is so very beautiful in that way. Teaching people to work with nature’s design is pretty humbling because the results can be so drastic.”

What do you hope the community gains from The Loop?  

“Acceptance. There is so much guilt that comes with being a mother and I’ve learned to reject it outright. There is simply no place for that kind of bondage in a home.

I like to think The Loop is the kind of place where we all accept and love each other. We can be free to let our kids be kids- to spill stuff and break stuff (it happens) and NOT STRESS over it! When we accept ourselves and our families as human beings we begin to relax into who we were created to be.

It’s cool because I find that if someone uptight comes in, they either usually edit themselves out of The Loop because they don’t vibe with it; or they change for the better.  THAT is the secret sauce to what this community has created for itself!   Openness, kindness and everyone doing their thing together!”


What would you tell someone who was considering joining a class at The Loop?  

“Oh my gosh, fence-sitting hurts!  Just go for it. You’ll thank yourself later. The people who have been attracted into this space are nothing short of Works of a Really Good God!  Now I have to stop or I’ll cry. Seriously, I love the people there!”

What would you tell someone considering using essential oils?  

“Same!  We in Young Living have a saying, ‘If you haven’t tried Young Living, you haven’t tried everything.’ But, be sure the oils you are trying are from Young Living.  There is no other brand available in the U.S. that follows our purity standards.  Join a class and begin discovering the difference. There are many heart-forward oilers in The Loop.  Become friends with them and join their team!  Come to the classes and see what happens. Then you’ll know.”

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