Express Through Music with Gus Weaver

Who are you? Tell me a bit about yourself.

“I’m a violinist/violist performing and teaching in the Norman and OKC Metro area.  I enjoy teaching because I have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned in a positive way.  It is exciting to make a connection with students and observe their progress.

I have always enjoyed singing and playing music, and I began playing the violin in an afterschool program in Palm Bay, Florida when I was 9 years old. Since then I’ve played in youth, amateur, and professional orchestras in Florida, Indiana, Oregon, Idaho, Texas, and Oklahoma. I earned my Bachelor of Music from Idaho State University with Chung Park and Keum Hwa Cha and my Master of Music from the University of Oklahoma with Hal Grossman.  Now I play in the Amarillo (Texas) and Fort Smith (Arkansas) Symphony Orchestras, as well as in Mariachi Orgullo de America (OKC metro area).  I also have my own violin duet, Norman Classical Strings.  We play for weddings, parties, and other family events.


What classes do you offer at The Loop?

“For students ages 8 and up, I offer private violin and viola lessons.  I also offer beginning violin classes one semester a year or so, depending on interest.”

What was it that triggered your passion?

“I sang with my mother when I was young and have always enjoyed music.  When afterschool classes were offered in 3rd grade, something sparked my interest and I signed up.  I find that listening to music enriches my life, and playing music enriches my life while enriching the lives of others.”

What is you favorite thing about music?

“I appreciate the expressive quality of music.  It can express concepts and feelings that can only inadequately be put into words.  I also appreciate the ambiguity of music, especially instrumental music.  I can make it mean anything I want it to mean at the time.  It is also mysterious, like dance; it is gone as soon as it is created.  It cannot be grasped, yet it can change those who hear it.”

What do you hope the community gains from your classes?

“I hope to spark an interest in music and help students gain basic playing skills so that they can enjoy and appreciate it.”

What would you tell someone who was considering joining your music classes?

“Whatever is attracting you to play is worth investigating in a beginning class or private lesson.  We never know what will be revealed to us until we explore it.  It is worth the time, dedication, and financial investment.  Just as in sports, regular practice and perseverance in learning skills will help you use those skills to express yourself while performing music.”

Would you like to join Gus’ classes? Contact him at