Explore and Express Through Art with Sandra Pruitt


Who are you? Tell me a bit about yourself.

“I am just someone that loves making pictures. I got into art a lot later in life than I wanted. I played around a bit as a child, but thought that things need to be perfect. Now, I know better!”


What classes do you offer at The Loop?

“Art classes! Explore the World Through Art, Great Works of Art, ceramics, and who knows what else in the future.”

When did you find your passion for art?

“I’ve loved art from afar for my entire life. I was in my 20s before I really began studying and experimenting with art. I was a perfectionist as a kid, so I never really thought I could do anything art-wise. I thought it had to be perfect to be good. Now, I let myself be me.”


What was it that triggered that passion?

“Art is fun! There are so many different mediums, types, and ways to express yourself that, honestly, there is something for everyone. What you make doesn’t need to be “perfect” or a great work of art. It just needs to be something that you enjoyed making.”

What is you favorite thing about art?

“Did I mention it is ridiculously fun? I absolutely love trying new mediums and styles. I find new favorites all the time.”


What do you hope the community gains from your classes?

“Confidence. I had a student once that came to get his artwork from me. He asked me ‘What did you want with this piece of junk?’ I told him that I thought it was wonderful and had used his art in an art show. He paused, stood up a bit straighter, and smiled. He continues to paint to this day. He told me he never would have painted again if it had not been for that day.

Understanding. My hope is that by focusing on art and cultures from around the world, it helps to educate and create more understanding about how other live.

Curiosity. Hopefully, working with a variety of mediums and techniques will whet your appetite to try more and more art forms.”


What would you tell someone who was considering joining your classes?

“It is not about making something that looks like mine or anyone else’s. It is about you trying something new, learning about a new place or culture, and above all having fun making your artwork.”

Find info on Sandra’s classes on our calendar page and join in the fun right away!