Strum Into a Passion for Music with Cory

Who are you? Tell me a bit about yourself.

“I’m a guitarist in Oklahoma City. I teach guitar lessons in the OKC area and own and operate GuitarLessonsOKC. My credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Guitar Performance from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma as well as an M.A. in Leadership emphasizing business management. In addition to my education, I have also played around the country with various artist that include Grammy award winners a country music hall of famers.”

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What classes do you offer at The Loop?

“Private guitar, private piano, private ukulele, and occasionally group guitar and/or piano.”

When did you find your passion for music and playing the guitar?

“I have always wanted to play the guitar since I was small, I bought my first guitar at sixteen and have been playing since then.”

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What was it that triggered that passion?

“I got ahold of my dad’s tape collection in the late 80’s when I was very young. I listened to all sorts of stuff from The Cars to Chuck Berry to Iron Maiden. I fell in love with rock music at a very young age.”

What is you favorite thing about playing guitar?

“The flow. When you experience the flow of an activity of your passion, there really isn’t anything that compares.”

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What do you hope the community gains from your classes?

“Lots of kids who are passionate about the guitar and music.”

What would you tell someone who was considering joining your classes?

“Do it! Music is a gift that keeps on giving.”

Would you or your child be interested in learning to play the guitar? If so, contact Cory for more information today!