Summer Reading Fun!

Whether you’ve made the decision to take a break for schooling for the summer or go ahead and continue lessons throughout the season, reading should be a big part of your summer. After all, everyone knows that reading is a great way to gather new knowledge, explore the world, and even improve writing skills.

That said, reading should never ever be a chore, especially during the summer when kids should be having fun. Fortunately there are tons of ways to make reading fun. One of the best ways is through reading rewards programs, many of which just so happen to take place in the summer.

Wondering where you can sign your kiddos up to win cool prizes in exchange for fun summer reading? Try these options.

Metropolitan Library System Summer Reading Program

Perhaps the most well known option in the OKC metro area, the MLS Reading Program is a great place to start. Badges are earned each time a child reaches a milestone. These milestones include 5, 10, 20, and 30 hours of reading. In order to win prizes, participants must read a total of at least 10 hours at which point they earn a free book. Children who read 20 hours receive two books, and those who read 30 hours will have a book donated to a needy child in their honor.

Pioneer Library System Summer Reading Program

This program is very similar to the MLS program, and is likely more convenient for Norman resident. The prizes and goals do tend to vary from year to year, so we will have to wait and see what the details happen to be for 2018.

OKC Dodgers Summer Reading Program

The OKC Dodgers have teamed up with Sonic to offer an awesome summer reading program that baseball fans will adore. Every participant will win two tickets to a Dodgers game for each month long segment they complete. They will also be entered to win the VIP treatment at a Dodgers game.

The goal of this particular program is to read 20 minutes a day for 5 days each week, so it’s pretty easy to keep up with.

Half Price Books Summer Reading Program

Think your kiddo can read for 15 minutes a day all summer long? If so, you should definitely participate in the Half Price Books Summer Reading Program. By reading a total 300 minutes in June and July, you child can earn a $5 HPB gift card to spend however they wish.

Chuck E Cheese Reading Rewards

Okay, so this program isn’t really a summer-only program, but it is tons of fun. We especially like this one because it allows you to set your own goals, meaning it can be tweaked for each child. Simply print this chart, check a box each day that your child meets his or her reading goal, and take the completed log to Chuck E. Cheese for ten free tokens.

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading for Kids

If you’re not a fan of logging reading minutes, you might prefer the Barnes and Noble reading program. This one requires participants to read a total of 8 books. Once those books are read, the child will be presented with a free brand new book to take home and read. Super simple and super fun!

We love reading, and we know your family probably loves it as well. Why not make it even more fun by lining one of these awesome programs?