Why Kids Need Chores

Homeschooling is an enormous task. Not only are you responsible for the upbringing of a decent human being, you must also provide them with a decent education. Fortunately, this can be done in a variety of ways and most families find something that works quite well for them.

That said, many families get so wrapped up in giving their little ones academic lessons, they forget to take advantage of the fact that their children are at home and can be involved in the day-to-day household work and errands. This is too bad, because hands-on helping experiences are an important part of growing up, and one we are losing all too quickly.

For this reason, it’s generally a good idea to make housework a part of your homeschool day. By doing this, you will ensure the children are helping around the house on a regular basis and that the process doesn’t get brushed aside and deemed “unimportant”. Besides, a little help around the house is always a good thing for the busy homeschool mom or dad, right?

But why is it so important to involve your children in the household chores? After all, they’re bound to learn how to do laundry and wash dishes when they move out, and it’s so time-consuming to teach little ones to do these things.

Well, let’s take a look at what your child receives in return for his or her efforts.

Self Confidence

When your child learns a new skill or is thanked for a job well done, their sense of self confidence and self worth will grow tremendously. Because self confidence is so important in so many ways, this is a major benefit to having the kids help out daily.

Sense of Purpose

A child who works to help keep his or her home in tip-top shape is very aware of the fact that they are part of a team. By giving the child a specific set of responsibilities, you also give them a sense of purpose and belonging.


Respect is important in all areas of our lives.

  1. We must respect our belongings and the belongings of others.
  2. Respect for our space is a must.
  3. And, of course, respect for those who earn it is a biggie.

Involving children in household tasks helps them develop a sense of respect for their living environment, giving them an understanding of the importance of caring for their home.

Responsibility and Good Work Ethic

While some people are naturally more responsible and driven than others, you can encourage these qualities by expecting your children to complete their chores well and on time. Setting these expectations early on, communicating them well, and sticking to them will help instill good work ethic in your little helpers from the get-go.

Life Skills

As we said before, your kids are going to learn how to care for a house at some point. However, teaching your kids to fold clothes and sweep floors now will mean they are old pros by the time they have to care for a house of their own. This will make the process of moving out much less stressful.

Of course, these are just a few of the reasons to involve your children in household tasks. Looking for suggestions on how to get your kids involved in the chores without a fight? Consider attending Miss Cielja’s Empathetic Communication classes here at The Loop to learn how to create healthy relationships with your children through understanding and clear communication.