Summer Nature Crafts for Creative Explorers

Summer is a great time to be a kid. The sun shines nearly every day, and the green grass and leaves are great for enhancing outdoor fun.

Generally speaking, kids will automatically reach for these natural materials when creating outdoors and nudging is not at all necessary. That said, it’s fun to get creative with your kids from time to time, and providing suggestions on how to use the natural materials they did is the perfect way to go about this.

Wondering what kinds of suggestions to make to your kiddos? Try these fun nature craft ideas!

Fairy Houses

Fairies are some of the very best mythical creatures out there. After all, what could be more magical than tiny flying people who live in the woods?

Of course, these tiny people do need places to live. Why not help them out by using the things you find in nature to build houses for them?

Rocks, sticks, and leaves can all be used to build walls, roofs, and furniture. Add finishing touches using acorn caps, flowers, and small things found around your own house, and you’ll have a home fit for a fairy king (or queen).

Rock Painting

Kids love rocks. Most kids collect rocks at some point in their lives, and many are reluctant to let go of their collections. Instead of displaying a collection of ordinary stones, why not make them into something colorful and pretty?

Take your paints, brushes, and creativity outside for the afternoon and help your child paint their rock collection. They’ll remember this day for years to come, and they’ll be left with an incredible souvenir to boot.

Nature Crown

Begin this activity by taking a nature walk. Have your child collect items they find pretty or interesting and return home with your haul in tow.

Once home, cut a strip of paper to fit around your child’s head and hand it to them. Instruct your young artist to arrange the findings from your walk on the strip of paper. When the items are arranged to your child’s liking, help them glue the decorations down. Staple the paper to create a crown shape, and place it on the head of your tiny nature explorer.

Shell Necklaces

If you visit the beach this summer, you will more than likely return home with a shell collection. Don’t toss them out! Instead, make some fun, colorful jewelry that your kids will want to wear everywhere.

Begin by rolling a ball of clay. Flatten the clay slightly and press a shell into the oval it forms. Using a straw, make a hole at the top of the clay shape and allow the creation to dry. Once dry, put a piece of string through the hole in the clay and wear as a necklace or bracelet.

Want to get even more creative this summer? Why not join one of our many creative classes? Pretend Drama Club, Let’s Get Sculpting, and music lessons are all fabulous options!