Educational and Affordable Oklahoma Getaways

Everyone deserves to get away now and then. Not only are vacations fun and relaxing, traveling is also a wonderful way to help your children gain new skills while also offering them fantastic, immersive educational opportunities. Therefore, you simply must plan a summer vacation this year.

Many of you may be thinking that vacation is out of the question. After all, tight budgets can definitely make travel seem impossible, and few vacation days make things even more difficult. However, by staying close to home and using a little bit of creativity, you may be able to do more exploring than you think.

There are plenty of great, inexpensive things to see right here in the state of Oklahoma. Below are my top 3 Oklahoma cities for a quick vacation.

#1: Lawton, Oklahoma

Lawton is a great place to spend a few days. Hotel rooms are super affordable, but we much prefer tent camping at Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area at Fort Sill. The campground is home to an awesome lake and beach, and includes two super fun water slides.

No matter where you stay, you will definitely want to visit the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, where you will almost certainly get to observe buffalo as they meander across the fields. This refuge also includes an interesting museum on the buffalo as well as plenty of grounds to explore.  Be sure to drive to the top of Mt. Scott for some awesome views!

Of course, no trip to the Lawton area is complete without a stop in Medicine Park. This adorable town has a rich history as a “cobblestone resort community”, and offers tons of great boutique shopping as well as some terrific eats.

#2: Weatherford, Oklahoma

Weatherford is another great place to see! Its most interesting attraction is the Stanford Air and Space Museum, which is incredibly engaging and educational. This museum is perfect for the space lovers in your life, but is still fun for the rest of the family for sure.

You’ll also find the Oklahoma Heartland Museum in this cute little town. This attraction has an enormous collection of artifacts, and the volunteers running the museum are a wealth of knowledge. Be sure to brush up on Oklahoma history before you visit in order to give the kids something to relate to while going through the museum.

Finally, you might want to make a stop at Wind Energy Park to see the giant base of a wind turbine up close and learn some cool facts about wind energy. While I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to see this, it is worthwhile if you happen to be in the area already.

#3: Ponca City, Oklahoma

Last on the list is Ponca City. There are actually a surprising number of things to see and do in this city.

One of my favorites is the Pioneer Woman Museum, which focuses on the life of American women during the mid- to late-1800s. Not many museums make a point of focusing on women, so this one is pretty neat.

A second great option is Standing Bear Museum and Education Center, which focuses on educating the public about Native American culture. It is definitely a very nice attraction for expanding upon this topic.

Other options include the Conoco Museum and the Marland Estate, both of which come highly recommended.

As you can see, there are tons of great vacation destinations right here in Oklahoma. This means that you can take an inexpensive and short vacation this summer after all. Go ahead and start planning so you can get out there and start your roadschooling adventures!

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