Fun and Educational Ways to Beat the Heat

There’s no denying the fact that summer is now in full swing in Oklahoma. The weather is hot, hot, hot, and even the thought of heading outside is pretty miserable. Still, we all need to get out once in a while. This is especially true for kids who need to run off energy.

This leaves us mamas in quite a pickle. Do we a) send the kids out to potentially fry to a crisp, or b) endure another day of couch jumping and wall climbing?

Luckily there are other options. Try these awesome and educational ways to beat the heat this summer.

Pool Scrabble

If you have a full-sized pool to work with, Pool Scrabble is a great way to help toddlers learn letters or older kids practice their spelling. Simply purchase several packs of sponges, write letters on each, toss them in the pool, and ask the kids to bring you a certain letter or spell out a certain word with the sponges.

Not only is this great letter practice, it’s also a great way to increase your child’s confidence in the pool.

Floating Fun

Even if you don’t have a full-sized pool, you can still have tons of fun by setting up a wading pool. Wading pools can be used for all sorts of educational activities, including experiments with floating.

Give your kids a variety of items and ask them to hypothesize whether each one will sink or float. Test their hypotheses and discuss the reasons for the results.

Another great floating experiment involves boat building. Hand your children a variety of craft materials and instruct them to create a boat with a sail. See which boat works best by placing them in the water and using a straw to blow into the sail.

Ice Cube Painting

Looking for a way to practice writing or spelling? Ice cube painting is a super cool way to get your kids to write without a single complaint.

To make your ice cube paint, simply fill an ice tray with paint and place the tray in the freezer. Once the paint has started to freeze—but before it’s fully solid—put half of a popsicle stick in each. When the paint cubes are fully frozen pull them out, grab some paper, take it all outside, and allow the kids to paint to their heart’s content.

Older kids can practice writing or spelling. Meanwhile, younger kids might like to experience with color mixing.

Treasure Hunt

This is another one that’s best done in a larger pool. However, it can be done in a small wading pool if you blindfold the participants and/or have them hunt for the treasure using a small shovel.

To play, gather all of the loose change in your home. Toss the change into the pool and have the kids gather as much as they can in their hands. Allow each player to keep what they find as long as they can count the change correctly.

Whirlpool and Wave Pool

Whirlpools and wave pools are extremely fun to make, and the science behind them is super fascinating.

Using your wading pool or a larger private pool, have your kids create a whirlpool by moving in a circle in the same direction until the water develops a current. Once the whirlpool fun is over, do some jumping or big splashing to create a wave pool.

Finish the fun by watching this video on the science behind wave pools and reading about natural whirlpools. You can also watch this super cool vortex experiment video and maybe even try it for yourself.

These are all awesome ways to get outside while staying cool this summer. However, some days call for a trip out of the house that still involves air conditioning. That’s why every family should consider joining us at The Loop this summer for classes, events, and activities that the whole family will love.