Amazing Reasons to Head to Norman Art Walk

If you have yet to check out the Norman Art Walk, you really need to make a point of doing so. This amazing community event is the perfect way to see what the awesome artists in the area have been up to, get some new inspiration, and just have a good time.

This is a great event for families, and one you definitely won’t want to miss. Luckily, it happens on the second Friday of every month, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to experience it time and time again.

Fun for Families

The Loop is getting in on the Art Walk fun, which means there are now plenty of chances for family- and kid-specific fun. Drop by our location for a family drum circle or a quick guitar lesson. A family empathy tent will be welcoming all ages, and the kids craft is always fun for little ones. Parents can even choose to drop the kids off, so everyone can have a great time at this fabulous event!

Affordable Entertainment

One of the best things about Art Walk is that it is very affordable!

While this event is certainly something that most people would pay a lot of money for, the amazing folks who put it together have ensured the whole community can afford to join in the fun. This means you can check out awesome art pieces and take part in a variety of other activities without going broke.

That said, we do recommend supporting local artists and vendors whenever you can, and any money spent at this event will do just that.

Delicious Food

In addition to some fabulous artwork, Art Walk also features a variety of awesome local food trucks. From Greek food to snowcones, you can find something for everyone at this awesome event, meaning packing a dinner or eating before you leave is completely unnecessary.

Exciting Concerts

Every single Art Walk event features a free concert. From folk music to hip-hop, local musicians certainly do have a lot to offer, and the people of Norman just eat it up. Go ahead and join them at the next event; you might find a new favorite band, and you’ll definitely have a great time.

Local Shopping

During the Art Walk, local vendors are plentiful. This is wonderful of course, because it means you can enjoy some laid-back shopping while you enjoy all the creative pieces on display. This is an excellent place to pick up a gift for a loved one or a little something to treat yourself.

Participation Opportunities

Are you a creative person as well? Why not share your art with the community by setting up at Art Walk? The event organizers are always in the lookout for new participants, and they are open to all kinds of creative works. Go ahead and contact them to see if you can join in the fun next month!

Now that The Loop is a part of Art Walk, you simply must visit! Stop by on August 10 for the first in a series of awesome Art Walk additions by The Loop.