Creating the Perfect Curriculum

Back-to-school month is here, and that means it’s high time you choose your curriculum. For those who use a pre-built curriculum, this might be a bit overwhelming. After all, there are tons of amazing choices out there, and choosing just one can seem impossible.

That said, those who build their own curriculum have an even tougher task ahead of them. There are countless workbooks, textbooks, novels, materials, and teaching styles out there, and attempting to pick the best combination of things for your kid can certainly send your head spinning. Still, it’s a task that must be done, and in the end, it’s one that’s well worthwhile.

So where should you begin? Here are some of our top tips for building a curriculum that works for you. Take what you like, leave what you don’t, and try to have fun with it.

Know Your Child’s Learning Style

First, and possibly most importantly, you will need to know and cater to your child’s learning style.

If you notice your kiddo learns best while watching videos, find ways to incorporate videos into your curriculum. Have a more tactile learner on your hands? Use that to your advantage. Some kids may be avid readers and prefer to learn through reading novels, others may enjoy learning songs to memorize important things.

All of these learning styles can and should be catered to.

Factor in Their Interests

Of course, learning style isn’t all that comes into play when developing a collection of curriculum that fits your child well. Their interests should also be considered. A child who love Minecraft will love using this book in their schooling. Meanwhile, young actors may prefer to act out their history lessons, and little chefs may enjoy learning math through their cooking.

There are countless way to incorporate your child’s interests into their schooling. All it takes is a bit of creative thinking.

Use What You Have

Saving money is always a major bonus. Luckily, as a homeschool parent you have the freedom to recycle some of your school materials from last year. If you have books to pass from one kid to another, do it. Have markers from last year? Don’t buy new ones, just reuse what you have.

Take a look at your bookshelves and see what you can incorporate into your schooling. You may find some awesome inspiration while also saving a few bucks.

Keep It Simple

Complex curriculums may look good on paper, but generally speaking, they just don’t work. As a parent, you have enough on your plate without trying to juggle an enormous number of books and manipulatives. Keeping it simple will ensure your students stay on track even when life gets a bit too crazy for your tastes.


Are you freaking out about what to choose? If so, just relax. Choosing something now doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it forever. If you start one math book and your kid hates it, you can always switch mid-year. The same goes for any other resource you select, so instead of fretting about getting everything exactly right, try to enjoy the experience and learn from your mistakes. That’s what life is about, after all!

Add in Extracurriculars

You may be a super parent, but you can’t do it all. Instead of attempting to teach your little scholars everything, consider signing them up for some daytime extracurricular activities. This is beneficial because it gives your kids a chance to learn something new from an expert in that particular field. It also gets everyone out of the house, ensures your children get to socialize with peers, and gives you a much deserved break.

Not sure where to find homeschool classes? Check out our schedule! We offer several daytime classes. Whether you’re looking for art, writing, music, or drama, you’re sure to find something your kids will love here at The Loop.