Educational Media We Love (and You Will Too)

As a homeschooling parent, you’re probably always on the lookout for new ways to get your kids’ brains working. After all, you understand how awesome the world truly is, and sharing it with your little ones is your number one job.

Obviously, books, games, and puzzles offer endless learning opportunities, but many kids are eager to add to this collection of resources. Why shouldn’t they? Modern technology is an amazing thing, and can actually be an excellent tool that opens the doors to all kinds of new discoveries. The trick is finding the right games, music, apps, podcasts, and videos to do this.

We know you’re a busy parent, and that makes seeking out media resources a bit difficult at times. Therefore, we’ve collected a list of educational media for elementary school aged kids that we adore. Check them all out and let us know your favorites!

“Teach Your Monster to Read” Website and App

This program is amazing. It’s taught countless kids to read, and continues to so each and every day. The colorful characters and interesting storyline make it a super fun game to play, and most little learners are so engrossed in helping their monster out they don’t even realize they’re learning.

“Teach Your Monster to Read” is available on their website and as an app.

DragonBox Apps

An awesome set of math apps for kids, the DragonBox collection requires a bit of an investment, but is well worth every penny. These apps teach young students to play with numbers effortlessly, making math into fun puzzles rather than the stressful subject so many believe it to be.

We especially love their “Algebra 5+” app, although “Numbers” and “Big Numbers” are also great. Additionally, the company has two games for older kids, “Algebra 12+” and “Elements”.

Brains On! Science Podcast

Does your kids ask a lot of questions? Of course they do! Isn’t that what kids are supposed to do? Luckily, there’s Brains On! This awesome podcast asks the obscure questions we parents hear each and every day so we can get some peace while our kids go on learning.

As second runner-up for best kid podcast, we have to mention Tumble which is also fabulous.

“Giants of Science” Album

Everyone loves jamming to some good music. Why not turn your dance party into something educational? The Pop Ups’ album, “Giants of Science”, is perfect for a kitchen dance party or a long car ride. The album covers a variety of scientific subjects, and while it doesn’t dive very deep into any particular subject, it does offer a good opportunity to expose your kids to new topics.

“Giants of Science” can be purchased from iTunes or Amazon or you can listen to it on Apple Music or Spotify.

The Who Was? Show

A silly way to learn about influential individuals, The Who Was? Show introduces kids to such people as Amelia Earhart and Albert Einstein. The characters answer questions about themselves, educate viewers on the important things they did, and often star in music videos or other silly clips. All in all, this is a super fun way to start learning about historical figures.

The Who Was? Show can be viewed on Netflix.