Finding Peace in a Busy Season

Homeschooling your children requires a lot of time and energy. For this reason, jumping back into the routine of focused learning, extracurricular activities, and other fall commitments can really take a toll on your family after a while.

If you find that this busy season is too stressful and busy to handle, it might be time to take a step back and find peace once again. After all, one of the biggest advantages to homeschooling is the freedom and flexibility to do what’s best for your family, and connecting with one another, living fully, and enjoying life are all of the utmost importance.

No, this doesn’t have to mean you stop everything you’re doing. Instead it means reevaluating your priorities, rearranging your schedule, and finding ways to bring you and your loved ones peace even when the world never seems to stop.

Luckily, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to do just that, meaning you can stop stressing and start relaxing and enjoying every single day. Try adding these tips, tricks, and techniques to your life to find what works for you.

Ask for Help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there is always the option to ask for help. Even if you don’t have much in the way of family, there are many great homeschool parents in our community who would be happy to lend a hand. Find someone who’s willing and hand over a task or two once in a while. You might be surprised how much it really does help.

Need to find that community of people who lift each other up and help each other out? The Loop is just the place to do that. Check out our schedule to learn when you can stop by and meet your new tribe.


Even on the days when no help is available, you can squeeze in some highly effective stress relief through meditation. If you’ve never meditated before, try downloading a meditation app that will walk you through the process. Make this a daily habit for some truly amazing results.


Those days when the kids won’t stop fighting and you have a million and one things to do are challenging, for sure. When those days strike, the best plan of action is one that requires absolutely no extra time and very little effort.

This is where essential oils step in. Drop a bit of lavender or chamomile into the diffuser, and do your best to allow your anxiety to melt away. This may not make the day any less chaotic, but it certainly can help you relax a bit through it all.

Laugh and Sing

We’ve all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” The funny thing is, it’s actually true.

If you and your family are feeling anxious, try playing a funny podcast, reading a chapter from a silly book, or playing a round of any quick game that tends to make people laugh (“Apples to Apples” is awesome for this). By getting your family laughing together, you can release some of that tension and move on with your day in a happier mood.

Singing actually works in a similar fashion. Therefore, if you don’t think laughter is going to happen anytime soon, you can also try cranking up the radio and encouraging your family to belt out their favorite tunes. This is a great option for those rushed car rides that often start out so tense.


When you’re always busy, making time for exercise might seem impossible but it’s so very important. Not only will exercise improve your physical health, it’ll also help keep your spirits up and get rid of stress. This is due to the endorphins released by your body during exercise, which make dancing, jogging, and other types of movement some of the best anxiety relief out there.