Our Instructors


Cielja Kieft

Pretend Drama Club, ages 5-8, Parenting Seminars

Cielja is originally from Holland. She is a Visionary Educator in Peaceful Conflict Resolution. Her aim is to help people of all ages to be understanding and peaceful in their communication with each other.  She has been a Theatre director with her own company and a trainer in Effective Communication with Parents, Teachers and Leaders for 26 years. She uses drama for children to help them resolve the conflicts that come up with creating their scenes. She uses talks, workshops, seminars and trainings for adults to teach skills in peaceful communication. She has un-schooled with her youngest son, while her oldest was in school. She is passionate about parents and children, healthy, organic, playful living, biking and laughing.

For many years Cielja was active as a mom and as a teacher in the homeschooling community in Las Vegas and has co-founded the Guus Kieft School in The Netherlands, where children are free to choose what and how they want to learn.  Contact Cielja at cieljakieft@gmail.com..

Cheryl Jazzar

Cheryl Jazzar
Owner, Essential Oils, Family Wellness

Cheryl opened The Loop after a profound healing experience in the summer of 2014. She came home wanting to dance, sing and do art- none of which she knew how to do. The Loop was up and running only 2 short weeks later!

Cheryl shares her vast knowledge of the healing arts in a variety of classes at The Loop. As an independent Silver Leader with Young Living Essential Oils she regularly provides bodywork techniques like raindrop, vibrational raindrop, Aroma Dome, emotional release work and raindrop training to her Young Living team at no charge. Her use of the amazing Zyto Bio Scan technology has been instrumental at helping many families live “above the wellness line”.

Cheryl and her team also teach classes including Essential Oils 101, Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, Healing Oils of Ancient Scripture, Supporting a Healthy Mood, Supporting Kids on the Spectrum, Raindrop Technique, and Family Wellness classes and events. The Loop also offers Red Tent events, which are designed to help  women nurture themselves by coming together monthly to rest, visit and learn from each other.

Gus Weaver - Violin, Music Theory, Music History

Gus Weaver
Violin Lessons

Gus Weaver is a Norman performing artist who specializes in classical music. His recent performances include Norman Art Walks and area gatherings, the 2015 Taneycomo Music Festival Orchestra in Branson, MO, and section violinist in the Amarillo and Ft. Smith Symphonies. Many of these performances express his effort to bring classical music to places it is normally not found and to people who don’t usually hear it.

His non-classical music work includes contemplative music performances and square dances.

Mr. Weaver has been playing for 27 years. He pursued violin studies at the University of Notre Dame, Portland State University, Idaho State University, and the University of Oklahoma, and he pursued viola studies at Idaho State University. He has a Master of Music in Violin Performance from the University of Oklahoma, where he studied with Hal Grossman, and a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from Idaho State University, where he studied with Chung Park and Keum Hwa Cha.


Chrissy Jones

Chrissy strongly believes that art and music provide a powerful way of bringing comfort, and gained most of her early experience in places known for comforting others. As a housemother, she enjoyed tutoring children. She also enjoyed teaching piano and art to students at Hope Harbor Children’s Home in Claremore, OK and Texas Boys Ranch in Lubbock, TX. Chrissy partnered with local churches, teachers and restaurants in Gainesville, TX to create The FAM (Family, Art and Music) to help under-resourced children enjoy tutoring, art, cooking and music after school. To top it all off, Chrissy volunteered teaching art and music at St. Mary’s School in Gainesville. Here she worked designing the art program for grades K-8 and writing/directing the school Christmas plays.

Today the artist homeschools her daughter. She loves working with students of all ages as they explore history through creating art and music.


Stephen Henesian
Drum Circle

Stephen started drumming when he was in 5th grade in Elementary School band. He continued on through grade school, played snare and bass drum in high school drumline, and played off an on in college as a non-music major.

Because Stephen’s family is Armenian, and has played traditional Armenian, Turkish, Greek, and Arabic music in church functions for 30-ish years, he started playing doumbek on stage in 6th grade. He has also played the same rhythms — as well as various American music —  on drum set.

“Drumming is one of the most important things in my life that I really enjoy doing and sharing with others. I don’t know all there is to know, and I enjoy learning from others who come from different backgrounds.”


Alanna Ireland

Alanna Ireland shares her 10 acre property with her husband, children, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 5 goats, 20 chickens, and 3 ducks. She and her husband, Bo, have been married for 22 years and have three children: Tarron (21), Ezra (15), and Magnolia (17).

In addition to her love for animals and nature, Alanna has a passion for the written word. She loves reading novels (historic fiction is her favorite), poetry, and nonfiction works (especially those about history). If there’s any time left over after homeschooling, being a wife and mother, taking care of her small zoo, and teaching coop classes, she also loves to sew and write for her often-neglected blog. Occasionally, she even gets a paid writing gig!

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Early Childhood Education, Alanna went on to work as a public school teacher, the director of a childcare center, a consultant for Head Start, and a children’s librarian. She has received additional training in Waldorf education and WestEd/PITC. Seven years ago, after beginning her family’s homeschool adventure, Alanna discovered Institute for Excellence in Writing methods for teaching young writers. She began using these materials at home and later became an IEW-certified instructor so that she could share these methods through coop writing classes. IEW’s history-based writing program is her favorite because it combines writing with fascinating people and stories from history.



Storytelling at the Loop will feature Jahruba the Oklahoma Griot. A native of Norman, Jahruba specializes in multicultural, educational, and entertaining assembly school programs. He has been telling African folktales for over 30 years and has traveled quite extensively through out Oklahoma and mid America school systems. After 20 years with the Oklahoma State & Oklahoma City Arts council`s artist in residence programs he now shares his stories, songs and music with the Loop. Please don’t miss this opportunity for you and your family.


Sandra Pruitt

If you want to talk about art with Sandra Pruitt, be ready to talk for a while! She is passionate about art and making it accessible to people of all ages. She believes anyone can make art, and have fun doing it.

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 2002, Sandra starting teaching English as a Second Language classes here in Norman. She then went on to teach computer design classes, such as Adobe Indesign which is used for print design and layout, for several more years. She is now the Yearbook Editor, Art Chairman, and Volunteer Art Teacher at her children’s elementary school where she writes and teaches the art curriculum for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.


Cory Moon

Cory holds a bachelor of arts in guitar performance with advanced studies in improvisation and contemporary music theory, and has vast experience in performing . In addition to his education, he has been teaching guitar for 10 years. He and his wife have 2 children and she is employed with the Baptist Homes for Children.

Cory’s performance background includes folk, jazz, blues, rock, country, and bluegrass. Cory has performed in various venues around the country and worked with studio musicians out of Nashville and Austin. Cory has also played for Grammy Award winners and Country Music Hall of Famers. Cory runs a small business in Oklahoma City called Guitar Lessons OKC.