Maria Ferri

imageMaria Ferri

Maria is originally from Valencia, Spain and came to OU in 2011 on a scholarship to end up marrying and staying in Oklahoma. Presently she works at Norman North High School helping students with limited English proficiency to improve their language skills and adapt to their environment. Maria finds her profession very rewarding and she considers it a precious experience to help students learn and progress.

As an educator, her mission is not only to improve her students’ understanding of a foreign language, but also to contribute to their intellectual and personal growth. Her desire is for her class to be a space to explore, discover, share, and have fun while learning. Maria uses games, crafts and group work to motivate children, engage their curiosity, and encourage them to take an active role in the classroom. She not only wants to improve the language skills of children, but also further their immersion in a foreign culture. During her classes children will be introduced to traditional dances, music, food, clothing, tales, and customs from different countries.