Nancy Van Winkle

Nancy Van Winkle - Living Foods and Visual Journaling Nancy Van Winkle
Living Foods and Visual Journaling

Nancy has a deep love for food, art, and nature, and an even deeper desire to share those passions with others. With a diverse background that starts with a degree in Therapeutic Recreation and ranges from operating a sustainable farm to teaching at a land-based Montessori adolescent program, Nancy has a range of teaching interests centered around holistic wellness.

Nancy specializes in homesteading skills, from raising chickens to organic vegetable production, and loves to explore the healing properties of food and herbs. Having experimented with cultured foods for the last decade and taught food preservation and microbiology, Nancy is excited to offer classes at the Loop! She loves sharing sourdough starter and kombucha mothers and is notorious for spreading the fermentation bug.

When Nancy is not in the garden or the kitchen, she makes books and operates Nomadic Roots Studio. She specializes in instructing Visual Journaling, a fun and free-form journey of self-expression using all varieties of artistic media and words in a funky journal. She embarked on her own visual journaling adventure in 2009, and has been teaching the technique to adolescents since 2012.

A newcomer to Oklahoma, Nancy and her partner, Tony, started homeschooling their two spirited boys in the fall of 2015 and are experimenting with nomadic homesteading as they move around the state.