Sean Stoneman

imageSean Stoneman
Drum and Percussion
Sean Stoneman is professionally trained musician who uses percussion and drums as his instrumental voice of choice. He first started playing drums and percussion at the age of nine, under the tutelage of his father. Sean’s father is also a professional musician who has performed in countless bands and ensembles, specializing in a number of musical styles.

As Sean progressed through public school, college and individual musical instruction, his skill, and love of musical performance grew. However, the most significant event in his musical career was his enlistment into the Army Reserve Band program.

Throughout Sean’s 26 year military career he was exposed to a number of musical experiences, venues and styles, and trained under some of the Army’s top percussionists and musical artists. His musical education includes tutelage at the Army School of Music, attendance of numerous musical clinics and seminars, countless hours of personal lessons and collegiate level instruction at the University of Oklahoma.

Sean’s musical performance background includes everything from popular music, swing and jazz shows, to public military concerts, parades ceremonies. Some of Sean’s favorite performances, however, have been the multimedia supported popular music and Dixieland shows he’s performed in, as well as some of Scottish / Irish shows he’s done.

Regarding musical venues and audience types, Sean has performed at ballparks, parades, musical festivals, public concerts, coffee shops and 3000+ coliseums. However, some of his favorite venues have been the water stages on the San Antonio Riverwalk and Myriad Gardens in OKC, the Alamo courtyard in San Antonio, Four King’s Fremont stage in Las Vegas, and the Sea World Clam-shell stage in Florida.

When it comes to musical genres performed, Sean’s experiences are extremely diverse. Throughout his military career, Sean has performed everything from military marches and Vaudeville classics, to pop music chart breakers and foot stomping dance tunes. Sean’s favorite styles, however, are funk-pop, big band swing and Celtic / Irish / Scottish.